Frequently Asked questions

What is FUNctional Physical Therapy?

All our clinicians and therapists share the same goal for your child: to create possibilities where there are obstacles and challenges.

Our bright, welcoming clinic space offers room for moving and gross motor/sensory experiences. It is appropriate for toddlers all the way to teens! We have a collection of specialized equipment and toys to make sessions FUN and customized. We are honoured to share space within the Family Connection Centre in Stony Plain. The space is wheelchair accessible. Focusing on pediatric interventions, we offer a variety of programs from individual assessment, treatment, consultation, and group programming. 

We’d love to help you Find Your Possible!


What Services do you provide?

  • Physical, Occupational, Speech Language Therapy Assessment – home or clinic based
  • Physical, Occupational, Speech Language Therapy Treatment – home or clinic based
  • Behaviour Coach Consultations – home or clinic based
  • Disability Services Contracts – Specialized Services and Developmental/Behavioural Contracts provided including PT, OT, SLP, Behaviour Coaching, Psychology, Child Development Facilitation
  • School Based Consultation Services
  • Presentations, Professional Development, and Training

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How are we different?

We are fun.

We are collaborative.

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Who will be helping me?

Physical Therapy (PT)

Physical Therapists are “The Movement Specialists.”  We help increase gross motor skills (torso, legs, and arm movement), balance and coordination, and strength building.  We help kids grow in independence and confidence moving about in their day to day spaces.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Our occupational therapists help children grow in their comfort and ability to perform everyday tasks and activities, like getting dressed, eating, doing school work, participating in sports and social interactions.  

Speech Language Pathology (SLP)

Speech Language Pathologists enable children to overcome and grow in a wide variety of language-based skills, like articulation, pronunciation, expression, comprehension, literacy, problem solving, stuttering, and even swallowing.  

Behavioural Consulting

Our behavioural consultants work with children and families in developing new skills, strategies, tools, and self confidence to overcome the challenges and obstacles that often lead to behavioural issues.  We help restore harmony in homes.

Developmental Psychology – Positive Behaviour Plan

Developmental Psychologists help with the changes in mental, emotional, and social environments that children encounter as they develop and grow.  They work with cognitive skills, emotions, language, personality, reasoning, self-awareness, learning disabilities and challenges.

OT/PT Assistants / Developmental Aides / Child Development Facilitators

**Specific designations listed here


Who are the therapists?

You Can Meet Our Team Here


How are the therapists verified?

All therapists are registered with their college/association of practice. Professional designations are qualified within their independent licenses.


What is FSCD?

The Family Support for Children with Disability program works with eligible families to provide support and services based on each child and family’s needs.



Can I be reimbursed by my insurance?

Most services are able to be reimbursed by your private/company health insurance. We can help you find this information from your insurance provider.

Do you have direct billing?

We do have direct billing for many insurance companies. Please check with us to see if your insurance is available for direct bill opportunities.


How can I be sure that this is an effective form of therapy for my child?

We use Goal based treatment to monitor the progress of your child. These goals are designed to be specific, realistic and custom to the needs of your child.


How is my privacy protected?

Your privacy is of our utmost importance.  We will never share any of your personal information to third parties.  All of your information is stored in password protected documents within our electronic medical records system. Access is only available to your documents by your clinical team.


Is there parking by the clinic?

Yes, plenty of free, accessible parking spots are available.


What happens in a therapy session?

  • Intake
  • Play and on the go/ Interactive and observation
  • Assessment
  • Goal development
  • Intervention/Suggestion

How can I get started with FUNctional Physical Therapy?

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I'm a licensed Therapist. How can I provide services using FUNctional Therapy?

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What requirements do I need to qualify for virtual sessions?

A working microphone and camera, along with the ability to connect via Zoom on the internet.


What should I have set up in my house to be ready for our virtual session?

Ensure you are in a space where you can move around comfortably.  Have your camera and audio working in order to clearly communicate with us.


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