Our focus has always been on helping children grow in their abilities and confidence, seeing small and ongoing successes, and doing things they never thought possible.

With a supportive family and the right team, we can help you Find Your Possible!


We have years of experience working with children who face obstacles and challenges in movement, day-to-day activities, speech, and other important areas. 


We understand that in order for change to be long lasting, it requires many team players and we are one part of a wider group.  Our team believes in collaborating with parents, teachers, medical professionals, and community members.

Our goal is to develop a holistic support for your child and family.

The Six F-Words of Childhood Development

Our practice is firmly rooted in the belief that six areas are essential to the healthy development of a child.  The Six “F-Words” (a term coined by Dr. Peter Rosenbaum, M.D., FRCP) show the areas that require focus in order to create a supportive and successful environment for your child.

In all of our interactions, from documentation and reporting to program and service planning, we focus on the positive, the possible, and come back to these 6 essential areas.

Learn about the Six “F-Words” of Child Development below!


Turning obstacles into abilities


Supporting the natural support environment for a child


Empowering activity and
recreative activities


Encouraging mutually beneficial relationships among peers


Discovering activities that bring enjoyment


Creating hopes, dreams, and expectations for what’s ahead

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